Startup life… it is 4:47 AM and I’m still working

So this is a response to my CMO Jun’s Blog: “Startup life… it 1:12AM and I am still working.” I actually wanted to write this blog at around 2:30AM, but a lot of things popped up, and I had to handle them, and now is my next break to laugh at Jun.

The startup life is fun and hard, and it’s really a lifestyle than a career. If you were doing a Lord of the Rings run, you won’t just say “I’m only going to travel 40 hours a week, and I will chill for the rest of the time!” No, you are constantly dealing with problems, monsters, wraiths and looking for food. You count the hours you don’t work. “I’m so tired….maybe sleeping 5 hours is fine, and I will travel again…” Recently, I almost broke up with my girlfriend due to the extreme circumstances that an entrepreneur needs to go through (girls, don’t date entrepreneurs). I think at the end, it’s Daniel Bedingfield’s song that got me back to the relationship. With that said, Jun’s blog is a lot more descriptive than mine, so I encourage you all to read his blog if were looking for some more startup blood and spirit!

and working hard

This is my entrepreneur’s game face.

Oh yea, speaking of which, I’m working with Daniel Bedingfield on a grand project that he has in mind, and today he left me a testamonial for me on Facebook: “genius-boy”

Hahaha, I’m good at what I do, but not sure if I deserve that title. I work with a lot of genius-boys though. Life is fun.

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One thought on “Startup life… it is 4:47 AM and I’m still working”

  1. Hey! long time no seen… haven’t dropped by for a while, but here I am.

    Little jealous about the start up life,

    But really happy for you.

    Hope for you the best.


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