Octalysis Design Challenge: Food Heroes, Part 2

Two years ago, we sent Food Heroes Design Challenge Winner Mayur Kapur to Shanghai for a week to work with JUCCCE on a major campaign to improve children’s eating habits and simultaneously boost the health of the planet. 

This year, we have just begun Food Heroes Design Challenge, Part 2, where once again one skillful Octalysis designer will win their ticket to Shanghai all expenses paid to see how their design is implemented by the Food Heroes team. 

Normally, our design challenges are exclusively for Octalysis Prime members, however we are so excited about the impact Food Heroes can have that we wanted to open this challenge to the gamification public!

This is a phenomenal opportunity to test your design skills, help children, and help the planet.

Here’s Peggy Liu to tell you about the challenge

Watch Video

We’ll have much more to share soon, so get excited–start researching!–and maybe YOU will be helping kids eat healthier, helping the planet, and winning yourself a trip to Shanghai!

If you want to get a head start on this challenge alongside Octalysis Prime members, considering joining Octalysis Prime today! (There’s no cost to getting started.) 

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