How to Reach Octalysis Flow, Part 2 of 3

Octalysis flow can be yours! This continues the series on Flow based on this pioneer’s work.

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Octalysis Flow

When we look at the human brain, we notice patterns between individuals involved in creative activity. I wanted to understand this and describe it from an Octalysis lense.


The next component is that we feel a sense of autonomy over our actions. This relates to Core Drive 3: Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback. We feel we have many choices, you know, our choices matter which is what we’re engaged in making those choices and figure out what works and of course that feedback directly makes you adjust and then potentially you’re overcoming the difficult challenges. 

Focus on Yourself (and Others)

Another aspect that’s very interesting is that when we are in Flow our focus isn’t on ourselves. So if you’re so focused on yourself, what you’re doing, or how do you look, you are having something like an extrinsic motivation mindset. It’s also harder, because we’re not immersed in the task itself, we are thinking about ourselves, what other people think and how the task is and so that makes the task a little hard. 


When an experience is timeless it might lean towards a Flow state,   which is very interesting component right because it’s a little bit different from what a lot of other things are some timeless experience which means that you will enjoy this when you’re fine you enjoy this when you’re 20 you joined this when you’re at, and also people 500years ago. Enjoy. But youstill enjoy today so that experience is timeless Hence, it just really brings you into that flow state. Finally, the experiences auto telic, which is a unique word but in a quick summary my interpretation is that all talent just means that you’re not focusing on yourself you’re alsofocusing outside of yourself which is again,kind of like the one for your folks herself, you caring about others you’re, you’re being unaware of your, your own present

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