The Best Way to Attract New Customers

One of the biggest issues for restaurants is getting new customers to come a restaurant.  While most restaurants will have a loyal following of customers, many of these customers will only be around for so long. Some will move to a different part of the city, others may not be able to eat out as much due to the recession, while others will go to the newest and hottest restaurants in the city.As the former manager of a cafe myself, I believe the best way to get new customers in the door is through referrals. No coupon, website, or paper advertisement can be as powerful in getting a person to try a restaurant as a close friend recommending a restaurant.

Why referrals are so valuable

Here’s the trouble with referrals: they tend to come sparingly. They either come when someone has just finished eating at a restaurant a day or two later at most or they only recommend when someone asks for a great restaurant for a special occasion. If you’re lucky, a customer that likes your restaurant will recommend it 3 or 4 times a year.

Most restaurant owners would love it for their customers to be able to tell 15 or 20 of their friends about their restaurant. And not only tell them, but to continuously do that throughout the year. The trouble is that most customers aren’t going to go out of their way to do that.

Unless…you give your customers an incentive to advertise for you. And most restaurant owners would, if they could find a way to keep track of who recommended who with absolutely certainty. After all, you can’t trust any Jack and Jill to come in and go “Oh yeah, I recommended 3 customers to you last week, and they told me they came in. Can I get my referral discount?”  Let’s face it, you would go out of business within weeks.

A solution to get referrals for your business

But what if you found a system that did the following

A) Rewarded customers for successfully referring someone to eat at your restaurant.

B) You were able to find out how many of your customers are referring people and

C) Encouraged  people to refer their friends as often and frequently as possible

How valuable of a tool would that be?

And that’s where RewardMe can come in. It’s a system that can provide you with all of the above.

How great is it that your customers are doing all the viral marketing for you?

Your customers want to talk about your restaurant. But with so many responsibilities and other obligations on their mind, referring a restaurant is one of the last things on their mind. But if you give them an incentive to tell as many friends as possible, I guarantee they will.

And when you get referrals eating at your restaurants frequently, they will tell other people.  Then you don’t need to worry about drawing in new customers or spending unnecessary money on paper advertising.

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