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Viralogy launches two more projects to empower the Blogging Community

Our goal with Viralogy is to provide the platform that helps promote all of the great bloggers in our community. With the Viralogy Blog, we reached out and did video interviews with some amazing bloggers. My co-founder Jun did an extraordinary job at it!

Today we’re launching two more projects to power up the Blogger’s Community: Viralogy Experts and Viralogy Themes:

Viralogy Experts

Viralogy Experts

There are so many amazing experts online: Guy, Gary, Seth, Penelope, and Tim. All of them deserve to be put on a pedestal because they’ve sold successful startups, written best-sellers, and have built personal brands that are the envy of every Gen-Y. Though their content is amazing, we can’t help but feel a huge disconnect. Sure, they understand Gen-Y and are very in touch with us, but they aren’t us.

We want to learn from our peers. We want to learn from those who are in the trenches like us and that are accessible at anytime. Realizing this pain, we went out and assembled the Viralogy Experts team:

Each one of these bloggers have proven to show an expertise in their field. They are amazing bloggers who are doing great things online, and we’re very proud to have them on the team. Each week, a new post will be written and published by one of our authors. Here are the expected post dates:

  1. Today – Stuart Foster (Marketing and PR)
  2. June 22nd – Cody McKibben (Location Independence)
  3. Month of July – to be announced

Why are all of the Experts guys? Good question! It really just turned out this way. We reached out to a few target people and only gentlemen accepted the position. We know that there are so many amazing women bloggers out there who are experts on a topic, and if you’re one of them, please reach out to me so that we can talk about bringing you on board.

How do I become an Expert? Another good question! Just follow this link to become an Expert.

Viralogy Themes

Viralogy Themes

While reaching out to bloggers, we noticed that many were not using themes that optimized their content, nor did the themes fit their style and personality. We want you to focus on your content, and at the same time, have a theme that completely fits your style and topic. That’s why Andrew Norcross and the Viralogy Crew have teamed up to create Viralogy Themes, the best, most customizable themes in the universe!

We currently feature 3 fully-customizable premium wordpress themes. Each one is widget ready, optimized for search engines, and includes essential features like most-viewed posts, most-commented posts, threaded comments, and a Twitter sync.

You can preview the themes here:

  • JunPress
  • ChouPress
  • PhenPress

If you are a blogger whose blog is hosted on or, then we have a special package just for you. We’ll set you up with a self-hosted wordpress blog, create a custom design of a Viralogy Theme of your choice, and teach you how to drive traffic to your blog. If interested, shoot Jun an email at Jun.Loayza [at] and we’ll set you up with our special package.

We are open to creating more themes, so if you have a theme structure in mind that you would like us to create, email Andrew Norcross (restlesslikeme [at] and if your theme structure is unique, beautiful, and simple, we might consider making a Viralogy Theme just for you.

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