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10 Useful Tips for Entrepreneurs and Startups

I know there are lots of these, but this one seems to have some new ideas to learn and absorb. I think its definitely worth a look.

In the FD Lifestyle way of phrasing it, it would be like this:

1. Watch your stats and stay close to the useful NPCs in town.
2. Watch your mineral flow. Make sure you have enough SCVs.
3. Establish a reputation on your server. Everyone will want to be your ally.
4. Be sociable during games. Chat often and be friendly to build trust.
5. Discuss ideas with your teammates. Maybe one will cover air with Corsairs while the other makes Carriers?
6. Adventure with those you can duel with. They help you recognize your weakness and improve it for you.
7. Specialize in something. Putting 1 skill point in sword technique, 1 in spear technique, and 1 in mace technique does not help you become strong when you can only use one weapon at a time. Be the best at what you do.
8. Know the exact skill points and units you need at each stage to conquer your opponents.
9. Put all your units to good use. Don’t have a single idling unit.
10. Be a Hardcore Gamer 🙂
11. You can only be a Hardcore Gamer if your partner supports gaming 🙂

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8 thoughts on “10 Useful Tips for Entrepreneurs and Startups”

  1. Hello Ethan!

    Thanks for commenting. I’m actually 100% Taiwanese (or Chinese origin). My father is a diplomat, and that’s why I move around so much. I’m not in Taiwan very often but my girlfriend Amy is. Maybe you can meet her 🙂

  2. Hey Yu-Kai

    I just came across your sites from stumbleupon.com and I’ve been loving it so far. I saw you are (part?) taiwanese and was just wondering you ever go to Taiwan. Shoot me an email if you do cause i’d love to meet you! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hello John,

    Thanks for your comment. It definitely makes blogging more fun when your readers respond back (which is one of the key characteristics of Web 2.0 anyway).

    I think it is great that you are very motivated right now and seeking to change the way you live your life in order to get into a career that you love and are passionate about. However, to help you, I need to know more about your situation. The earlier you start the FD Lifestyle, the easier it is and the more successful you are. If you have graduated college, you’re already in the battlefield so training for the fight would be tougher. The good thing for you is, some people never start thinking about these things in their entire lives and end up living a sad and meaningless life: work on the weekdays FOR the weekends, and living today just to sustain their life for another day.

    It’s not a problem that you don’t understand the terms I use. My focus right now is to try to get all the people who game a lot to understand that real life can just be as exciting, so I try to use terms that resonate with them. If one can become really good at the games you play, she can also become very successful in life if she transferred that energy and zeal over to her real life passion. But it is not necessary to play those games IN ORDER to live life like a hardcore gamer. In fact, I’m trying to tell people to stop playing games, so that would be the opposite of what I want to accomplish.

    Most of my game references come from Starcraft and Diablo II, just because they were extremely popular games and a lot of people understand the analogies. You don’t need to particularly play the games I refer to, but it is important to understand the underlying principles and philosophy.

    Lets have a lot more conversations so I can really know how I can help you. To start, here are some posts that can help you get started:

    How to start the FD Lifestyle http://yukaichou.com/how-to-start-the-fd-lifestyle/

    To how optimize your resume, go here:

    Also, if you want, I can send you a powerpoint I made regarding the topic too. You can also send me your resume and I can give you some tips.

    Finally, if you haven’t already, check out FutureDelivery.tv. There’s a lot of useful/valuable information that can help you out. I can point to specific videos that can be more helpful to you if I know your situation better.

    Let me know your background a little bit more, what are the problems you have been facing, and what are the things you are passionate about. Like I said, my goal is to get everyone around me to become successful, and I absolutely mean it, so lets get this stuff started 🙂

  4. Haha, yes I am, that’s why people love me.

    Yep, Starcraft references. Sometimes I feel that I have quit gaming for so long my examples will all become ultra-old school. Sadness.

    A lot of lessons on business, career and entrepreneurship just teaches people what they already know in gaming. Why not just make the connection to them?

  5. Hi Yukai,

    I found your blog off of google and I think it is great. I have been reading it for the past month. I graduated from college this year but I am still unemployed despite sending out many resumes; thus, I very much want to start the FD lifestyle. However, I would appreciate it if you made a post to explain all these terms that are you using and maybe the general framework of the games that you played (for example, I don’t know what is a “NPC” or “SCV” or “mineral flow” or “server”) since I have never been a “hardcore gamer.” Basically, I don’t know any of the terms or how the games you are talking about work. Is it essential for me to play these games first in order to start the FD lifestyle? Where can I buy them?

    Thanks and happy new year,

    John Chae Yoon

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