The Art of Being Bad but Good Enough

The first launch is usually crappy

Whenever we first launch a product or make a business plan, we would be so proud of it and send it to everyone. A month later, we think it’s so crappy that we are embarrassed to send it to anyone. Then we make a super improvement and think it’s the best thing in the world again. After a month of sending it to everyone, we realize it’s so hideous that we don’t want to send it to anyone again. We did that for half a dozen times.

Sometimes we tell ourselves, “If it’s good enough to be sent to everyone during the first revision, it should be good enough when it’s version 4. We don’t need to wait 2 weeks for version 5 to come out.”

Improve your product with your users/customers

If it takes a year to create a good product, taking a year and improving it at home will not be anywhere close to launching it early and using the rest of the time to improve from customer feedback. As long as you are responding to them and improving fast, they will be patient with you.

Even if you disappointed the first 100 people who used the site, you make sure that the Millions of others use a good product later on. Plus, the first 100 will hear it if you do a good job a year later and come back to it.

Take rare criticism seriously

Most of the time, you will hear people saying how good your stuff is. However, pay extra attention when someone says you need to improve, especially when it’s someone with more experience.

People don’t like to tell you negative things, so when you happen to hear one, it might be a rare opportunity for you to realize what are the biggest things you need to work on.

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5 thoughts on “The Art of Being Bad but Good Enough”

  1. Something else to extract from games: Iteration.

    Not even a single successful game has been released without dozens of iterations. The test-feedback-improve loop is in the core of game design.

    Totally agree on an early launch (taking for granted that lots of testing loops has been done), have early real users feedback, and early improve in order to deliver the best experience as soon as posible.

    Stay awesome!

  2. I find it funny how most times one write out a business plan and when you are done, you feel so proud of yourself and reckon with a bit of luck your venture will have secure enough money and support to compete with google. But then 2 weeks late you look at it again and you feel distraught! think how the heck will this idea even interest anyone. I have found the cure, believe in your idea, don’t change the spine ever! the moment you start doubting is the moment you start ripping a good thing apart. My first plan got more inquiries in it’s novice state than it did when i had done my 4th revision. strange eh?

  3. hey yu-kai,

    really cool post. nice to hear your experience from actually having done it. can feel the feeling when you write about it – instead of the usual “write about things they know nothing about” vibe 🙂

    definitely agree that it’s far superior to launch early and build it up than to spend that time “perfecting” it at home because there are so many variables, no matter what kind of thing it is that you’re launching, that just can’t be forseen in a home-launch environment

    awesome site
    keep in touch
    alex – unleash reality

    1. Thanks Alex!

      Your encouragement is well appreciated. There should be a little balance between the two. Ask the customers what they want, build it, test it, and revise.

      Have a great weekend! 🙂

      1. noeeeh worries.

        definitely agree about balance.

        thanks for the msg on twitter. think your direct messages are disabled so figured you’d definitely get a msg here.

        life’s treating me how i treat it hey 🙂 great. i run a site called unleash reality – the link is on the comment… and it’s pretty similar to the kind of stuff you cover here. mainly how to become insanely awesome, free and happy :p

        busy trying to build traffic and community and become friends with people who are interested in improving their lives and being real… so it’s awesome to meet you!!

        see you run a social media type of thing? any ideas on building epic traffic?

        reply via email to the email address in the comment 🙂

        nice to meetcha
        keep well bro
        alex – unleash reality

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