Yu-kai Chou analyzes Jane McGonigal’s SuperBetter 1.0 through Octalysis [Day 1]

A gamification analysis of Gamified Self-Improvement and Recovery (Jane McGonigal’s SuperBetter 1.0)

Jane McGonigal is one of the most well-known speakers in the gamification space. Her two TED talks and her book Reality is Broken are pretty iconic and even canon for the gamification or gameful design space. However, I’ve played with her product SuperBetter in the past, and I felt like there are many aspects that could be improved to retain (and hence help) a larger user base.

I feel that many people would sign up for the service because of her celebrity and inspiration, but perhaps because of some UX design issues may feel a bit discouraged and leave before reaping the best benefits from it.

Especially since she is launching SuperBetter 2.0, I thought it would be a good time to make a video commenting about SuperBetter 1.0 so her team can make the second platform even better.


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2 thoughts on “Yu-kai Chou analyzes Jane McGonigal’s SuperBetter 1.0 through Octalysis [Day 1]”

  1. I think I will hold out for SuperBetter 3.0. That will give it time to go from good to better to best. So I guess it should be rebranded as SuperBest at that point… and thus only one version is required. 😉

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