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Collection of all Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation Blog Posts

Intrinsic Motivation

Left Brain vs Right Brain Core Drives, and how they related to Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivation

There is a lot of literature out there on Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivation. Most people talk about how Intrinsic Motivation is better, but is that always the case? And even so, how to design for more intrinsic motivation?

In a string of snippets from my book Actionable Gamification, we will be exploring topics like the below:

Introduction to Left Brain (Extrinsic) vs Right Brain (Intrinsic) Core Drives in Octalysis Gamification
This is a general understanding of how Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation relate to our 8 Core Drives (basically, Extrinsic Motivation comes from Core Drives 2,4,6; while Intrinsic Motivation comes from Core Drives 3,5,7).

How Extrinsic Rewards can KILL Intrinsic Motivation
Most companies like to use Extrinsic Motivation in their motivation design, mostly because it is much easier to put a reward on a behavior you want, as opposed to making it fun. However, the consequences can be detrimental in creating longterm motivation!

How Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivation explains why our Education System is Broken
Have you ever tried to reward your child for doing their homework or house chores? How well did it work in the long run? Here we see why our Education System is broken primarily because people don’t understand the differences between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation.

How Extrinsic Rewards kill our Ability to be Creative
Have you ever seen projects where “top paid professionals” couldn’t solve a problem, but suddenly when it is open source, random kids solve it quickly? Turns out, when we are working towards Extrinsic Rewards (like for money), we lose our creativity.

How Extrinsic Rewards turn off our Social Brain
Adding a reward allows us to be more goal-oriented, but it also makes us more selfish. When your friend does something for you as a favor, giving them money doesn’t always make them feel happy. Essentially, it is killing off Core Drive 5: Social Influence & Relatedness.

How to actually create Intrinsic Motivation in an Experience
So….there’s a lot of content out there that talks a lot about how intrinsic motivation is better, but offers few actionable advice on how to actually make something more intrinsic. Here I offer the insights from the Octalysis Framework to show you what you should do to make an experience intrinsically appealing.

When to use Extrinsic Rewards to Motivate People
Finally, Extrinsic Motivation aren’t all bad – or else we wouldn’t be using it for so many centuries. There are many scenarios where Extrinsic Rewards are appropriate. This post explains those scenarios and how to merge with Intrinsic Motivation.

I hope you enjoy these posts! 

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  1. I appreciate this post collecting all the articles on a topic on one place. I *really* wish there was an index for all topics and posts…

    I am really attempting to learn this subject matter (and I do already have the book). But the time I spend clicking, searching etc. is wasted time, IMHO. I do appreciate that it is “part of the game,” but I don’t feel that it is a “productive” mechanism when you are trying to learn. Perhaps you could implement an alternate indexed experience for the type of “non-players” that do not want to opt into the “game”?

    • At this very moment I am doing my best to accomplish a real hard quest…. engage all Game Design Area to attend the workshop.

      I expect to gain a full level of “Manipulation Mastery” 🙂

      The opportunity to drink a coffee or beer with you and talk face-to-face is obviously a plus I am using in my pitch haha

  2. Hey Yu-kai, I am a game designer from Uruguay, there’s any chance to meet you personally if I make my way to Barcelona and attend your workshop?

    That is what I call Added Value !!!! 😉

    Stay awesome!

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