Beginner’s Guide to Gamification: What Is Gamification (2 of 90)

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Episode 2: What is Gamification

Here’s a quick outline of this episode:

  • Intro
  • Gamification is not new
  • Gamification is really “Human-Focused Design”
  • It remembers the “feelings” of the humans in the process
  • Some examples of Gamification
  • Since Games are the first industry to get Human-Focused Design right, we now call it Gamification
  • Gamification is not part of the gaming industry
  • A big problem in the industry is that people believe that gamification is just adding points, leader board, and badges.
  • Points, badges, and leaderboard are a result of Gamification, but they do not define it.
  • All games have game elements in them, but only a handful are fun and addicting

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38 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to Gamification: What Is Gamification (2 of 90)”

  1. I remember my initial pre-conceived notion that gamification was basically turning whatever you are doing (e.g. teaching chemistry) into a game. You articulate the proper definition well.

  2. Very Interesting! I like how you are narrowing the focus to how you want your users to “feel” so that you can increase motivation on a more personalized level.

  3. I am wondering how gamification works with those who are prejudiced, as opposed to merely under-motivated. Think the difference between someone who wants to work out, but just finds it difficult to stick with it, versus a high-school student who has decided within themselves that they really hate school, teachers, and academics in general.

  4. Interesting stuff. After the first video, I was concerned that constantly switching locations during the video would be distracting. To my surprise, I found that it actually drew me in more (core drive 7: Unpredictability & Curiosity).

    I do have to ask: Are you working out on a see-saw at one point in the video!

  5. This post is also for all you, newcomers, to see and check that even 5-6 times in a year (I saw 2015) there is someone not too lazy to put a comment. Glad to be the first commenter of this year for this very important part of the INTRO to gamification.
    What is Gamification? HAHA – See the video and answer yourself 😛

  6. Hooked. I now realise that I’m motivated by seeing my progress. Are there schedules for when to switch from extrinsic to intrinsic to keep someone going?

  7. Ok, so now I have to ask you a question.
    I actually do have an idea, which I think it would be revolutionary, and it’s actually about gamifying a game.
    In fact, what if you could use gamification to create a metagame, a game in a game that could improve lifespan of clients, increase interest and engagement, create loyal and affectionate costumers. Isn’t it the base concept of videogame applications, Facebook games and so on?
    Probably those concept are not new to you and i should go on and watch more videos.
    Anyway this is exactly what i was looking for and i am eager to learn more.

    1. Games already do that ^_^
      But yes, some do it better than others and I’m teaching how to do it best.

  8. Yu-kai Chou Brenda Cardenas  It’s working alright! Not a day went by this last week that I didn’t watch one. 🙂

  9. LOL! I almost dropped my laptop on the floor trying to land on a specific scene so I could read something that flashed by.

    1. joshscorrar Yes – I know Jane’s work relatively well. She’s a great motivational speaker and her story is inspirational.

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