ROI Numbers on Social Media

Some readers have asked me to provide some specific numbers on social media instead of just saying that it works. I have mostly been running RewardMe these days so I don’t have time to do more research on that, but last year I found a few interesting numbers so I’ll post it here. They’re a bit old but pretty concrete and can be used in school reports or benchmarks. Hope this helps!

1. Organizations with the deepest social media engagement increased revenue 18% last year, while the least active saw sales drop 6%.

2. Forrester Research estimates social media marketing to grow at an annual rate of 34 percent – faster than any other form of online marketing and double the average growth rate of 17 percent for all online mediums.

Of course, social media is starting from a smaller base. Forrester estimates that $716 million will be spent on the medium this year, growing to $3.1 billion in 2014. At that point, social media will be a bigger marketing channel than both email and mobile, but still just a fraction of the size of search or display advertising ($31.6B and $16.9B, respectively).

3. Average ROI – online campgain, 153%, average sale 32%, offline (18%, 14%). Average allocation to online media: 10%

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  1. Getting reliable numbers on social media is still today incredibly difficult to realize for many organisations.

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