Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Sébastien Dostie

Sébastien Dostie (LinkedIn) is one of the many people who attended the 2020 Behavioral Design Masterclass to up his Human-Focused Design skills.

As a part of the Masterclass, Sébastien decided to take it one step further and submit for his Octalysis Certificate. In his submission, Sébastien analyzed Hardbacon, a financial app from FinTech startup Hardbacon Inc. The app’s mission is to help the user take control of their personal finance.
Although Hardbacon is successful at presenting your financial status, Sébastien feels the app falls short in helping users control their finance by using the stock market.

Sébastien Dostie: “I believe that putting Hardbacon through the Octalysis lens has the potential to shine lights on how to improve the experience.”

Wow! Thank you for this new round of feedback. Makes me want to review it again as you bring very interesting questions and observations.

Sébastien Dostie

Well done on your submission and attaining your Octalysis Certificate, Sébastien. Congratulations!

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