Secret Power: The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group: another political conspiracy theory

Here comes another conspiracy theory that is getting a lot of attention. It basically is saying that Obama is a puppet of an elitest group called the Bilderberg Group and is planning to create a single world government that controls everything.

One of the latest “evidence” regarding this theory is that Obama has nominated Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, a Bilderberg attendee, as the Health and Human Services Secretary.

What is The Bilderberg Group?

The Bilderberg Group is an unofficial annual invitation-only conference/forum of between 100-150 guests, most of whom are persons of influence in the fields of politics, business, and finance. The Bilderberg folks have been meeting once every 4 years and they have been doing it since 1954.

Recently conspiracy theorists claimed that because Obama’s campaign has a lot of people who are Bilderberg attendees, and so he himself is controlled by the Bilderberg Group. The biggest punch from that statement comes from a video called The Obama Deception.

Why Bilderberger?

The big issue about the Bilderberg Group is that it is completely secret. No reporters are allowed, the attendee list is not published, and there are no press releases that go in detail what they talk about. They probably believe in “What happens in Bilderberg stays in Bilderberg” more than our Vegas crazy friends. While keeping it secret is all warm and fuzzy, the world gets stressed about things like that. Powerful people gathering in secrecy is like a kid’s parents grouping together and whispering something in secret. They have a lot of power over the kid, and they don’t want the kid to know what they’re thinking.

Other conferences like Davos and Council on Foreign Relations are all quite transparent, unlike the stealthy nature of the Bilderberg Group. For this reason, the Bilderberg Group has been getting some catchy descriptions like “the most powerful manipulators of society” and “Masters of the Universe” that are taking us “towards a One World Empire.”

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Invited to become a Keynote Speaker at USC for the ITASA West Coast Conference 2009

The ITASA West Coast Conference is a yearly event that gathers hundreds of students from all the Taiwanese organizations in the Pac-10 schools and creates a discussion about the Taiwanese heritage, struggles and successes in society, among lots of other things. When I was a second year in college, I remember my friend Eric Dong hosting it at UCLA. I was quite surprised when I got the invitation to speak at one though. There’s another reason for blogging 🙂

I believe last year it was hosted at Stanford, and this year it is hosted at USC (I hope they don’t throw rocks at me…). I’ve been thinking about a little what I would talk about and here’s I came up with:

I will talk about my experiences growing up in a variety of continents and becoming a social entrepreneur. Being from a diplomat family, I grew up in Taiwan, South Africa, Kansas and California, adapting to constantly changing environments. The talk will include how that background led me to start my first business first year of college, and how other students can become entrepreneurs too.

Also, I will introduce the FD Lifestyle: how to convert life into a game that you love and must master. I will then discuss how to strive in a glass ceiling society by empowering through social media and personal branding. Finally, I will share some ideas regarding some important trends in the future such as sustainability/green, social media, and virtual worlds.

If you are Taiwanese and in the Socal area, be sure to sign up for the event too 🙂

Thank You Reader Love!

So during the past couple of weeks, I have been getting quite a few awesome responses from my readers through Twitter, email, and the blog itself. Through that I have met a lot of great people like Aminata, Lily, and Jason.

As you guys know by now, I have a very explain-y style, which results in longer posts. I tend to pack a lot of information into one blogpost, and that makes my blog a bit tougher for reader adaption compared to Jun’s short and friendly blogposts. It also takes me a long time to write these posts, which is tough when you are an entrepreneur that works 90 hours a week.

Sometimes I contemplate if time spent on this blog is worth it, since it takes hundreds or even thousands of hours of committed work without much ROI to it. However, its times like that when I suddenly get the most encouraging messages from readers. I want to include here one that completely made my day last week. This particular one is from Facebook:

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5 non-obvious things to check for your new home

In the past few years, I have moved quite regularly as an entrepreneur nomad. I realized that most of the time, when people want a new house/apartment, they base it on the first five seconds they walk into the place. They either love it or they don’t. If those five seconds were phenomenal, then it’s time to check if the price is affordable.

Here’s a list of non-obvious things that you  may not check but one-way or another impacts your quality of everyday life while you live there.

1. The Shower

Most people just check if the water works properly when checking out the bathroom. However, one of the things you should check is how long does it take the water to become hot. A good shower experience can dramatically change your attitude during the day. Some places take a long time for the water to warm up, and you not only waste a lot of water at a time when water might be in deficit, you end up waiting cold and naked in the bathroom for longer when you are in need for that refreshing feeling.

Needless to say, how powerful the shower is should take a big part of your shower experience too. Showers that have nice massaging power is much better in getting you relaxed and refreshed than ones that just “get you wet.”

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