$50 Charge with Chou Force International

I made this post because in the past 1-2 days, my education platform Octalysis Prime suddenly got close to a thousand new sign-ups from emails that look very similar, but they were all using unique and valid credit cards.

It seems like someone stole hundreds of credit card information and purchased premium accounts on my platform.

Since they went through the traditional routes with valid credit cards, we couldn’t block them without blocking valid customers (but we added enough friction to the process it finally stopped, hurting our true customers that want to pay). Not sure why the attackers would do this but perhaps an attack to get us removed as fraud?

Sure enough, the transactions were red flagged by our payment processor and the funds were frozen. We are still scrambling to manually refund everyone, but now even refunding is frozen by our processor for some reason.

And now I’m getting messages of people being angry that their cards are being charged and threatening to report this to their banks as fraud.

If you are someone that got charged $50 from Chou Force International

First of all, yes this is a fraudulent charge. Even though we at Chou Force did not cause it, I am sorry that you have to go through this too. First of all, please disable your Credit/Debit Card because it is obviously compromised.

Second of all, don’t worry – I will use all my power to make sure you get your money back. Once the Payment Processor (Braintree owned by PayPal) clears everything and frees the account we will refund it back.

I am a Published Author and Lecturer. at many Universities. Feel free to keep me accountable at yukai [at] chou force [period] com. This is my LinkedIn.

I hope this will be over soon and everyone can get their money back.

God Bless.

Using Gamification to improve the Church

Octalysis Gamification For Church

As you know, the Octalysis Framework in Gamification Design is all about making important but mundane activities more engaging.

There is nothing more important than where your soul goes for eternity. But for most people going to church feels a bit mundane and unexciting. They find all sorts of excuses to not show up, and they can’t wait when it’s over so they can get their Sunday back to do enjoyable things.

Using the Octalysis Framework of Gamification Design, you could brainstorm a variety of ideas to improve the church experience to make it more engaging.

Here are some examples:

Core Drive 1: Epic Meaning & Calling for Church

Develop a “Church Heroes” narrative where each member’s involvement in the church, from attendance to volunteering, contributes to a collective story of the church’s impact on the community. This narrative would be continually shared and updated to make each member feel they’re part of something much larger than themselves.

Core Drive 2: Development & Accomplishment for Church

Establish a “Faith Milestones” program where every church-goer is acknowledged for personal spiritual development, like understanding of scripture, involvement in charitable activities, or progress in personal virtues. This recognition could be given through simple tokens or symbolic gestures.

Core Drive 3: Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback for Church

Organize “Open Pulpit” days where regular members get the opportunity to share their spiritual experiences, learning, or original interpretations of scripture. Encourage feedback and discussion on these shared insights.

Core Drive 4: Ownership & Possession for Church

Create a “My Church Space” initiative, giving each member the responsibility for a small physical or conceptual part of the church, such as care for a specific pew, a specific hymn, or even a particular time of the day when they pledge to pray for the community.

Core Drive 5: Social Influence & Relatedness for Church

Initiate a “Faith Family” system where small groups within the church, much like an extended family, regularly meet, share, and support each other. Make this a distinctive feature of your church community.

Core Drive 6: Scarcity & Impatience for Church

Launch “Exclusive Encounters,” such as limited-attendance spiritual retreats, special guest sessions, or priority access to church resources or events that members earn through active participation.

Core Drive 7: Unpredictability & Curiosity for Church

Unpredictability & Curiosity: Introduce “Blessings in Disguise” events which are surprise community activities, guest speakers, or spiritual challenges announced spontaneously, maintaining an element of surprise and intrigue.

Core Drive 8: Loss & Avoidance for Church

Loss & Avoidance: Develop a “Keep the Faith” reminder system where members remind each other about the importance of regular participation to prevent the loss of spiritual continuity, community bonds, and individual spiritual growth.

Applying Gamification to Church

These are just some simple ideas using the Octalysis Framework for Gamification in the church setting. Of course, Church is meaningful, and it’s important to remember your spiritual journey is more important than the enjoyment of the process. Pray and rely on God often is the way to truly get things done and get to the success you need.

30 Reasons to Join Octalysis Prime (Comprehensive Gamification Education Platform)

Octalysis Prime Learning Platform

As you might know, Octalysis Prime is my most important project to share with the world my most advanced research and knowledge in Gamification and Behavioral Design – things we charge our clients $100K – $500K USD to apply to their organizations. 

It is a Gamified Library with over 1000 videos of the most advanced lessons in Game Design Techniques (Points, Badges, Leaderboards, Mystery box, Easter Eggs, Grownup Locks), 3-Hour knowledge/interviews from other experts like Richard Bartle (original inventor of virtual worlds and Creator of Bartle’s 4 Player Types), Nicole Lazzaro (creator of 4Keys2Fun), Charles Huang (Creator of Guitar Hero), and other strategies on gamifying entrepreneurship, product, education, sales/marketing, parenting, workplace motivation, and more.

It’s basically downloading my brain for the price of a gym member.

What proof do we have that Octalysis Prime works? Well, did you know that 10 out of 12 gamification consultants/designers Yu-kai’s company The Octalysis Group recruited in the past three years came out of the Octalysis Prime program?

Octalysis Group consultants literally are the best people that Yu-kai Chou put in front of his clients, including Uber, Tesla, Google, LEGO, Microsoft, Walgreens and more (charging $100K – $200K for the skills we learned from OP).

If you are interested in actually building a career in Gamification/Behavioral Design, or with Gamification/Behavioral Design, or you just want to make sure you have resilience for the upcoming turbulent 2023 economy, then I would HIGHLY recommend you to talk up this offer.

To make it more compelling why you should double down on transforming your life with Octalysis Knowledge, here I will present you 30 reasons to join OP powered by the 8 Core Drives of the Octalysis Framework!

Core Drive 1: Epic Meaning & Calling

  • The world is struggling right now and needs you to become OP (overpowered).
  • Imagine what it would be like to create true change in the world and yours.
  • Begin your Heroes Journey today!

Core Drive 2: Development & Accomplishment

  • Have you felt stuck in the same place for a long time now? Is it time to upgrade yourself yet?
  • Learn 20 years of world class knowledge in a game from me in a gamified platform and make 2023 your biggest win.
  • Download my brain, level up your input, and watch your output transform your life!

Core Drive 3: Empower of Creativity & Feedback

  • The world is becoming more and more chaotic – just like the beginning of any hero’s journey! 
  • Plan your own personal build strategy in OP, make the world your canvas, and express yourself fully in this world of chaos.
  • Imagine yourself 5 years from now. Do you like what you see? What if you imagine yourself learning all the knowledge, skill, and connections from Octalysis Prime. Would that be worth pursuing?

Core Drive 4: Ownership & Possession

  • When you get yourself to tiptop form, money is easy. You’ve already spent years accumulating valuable skills. You just need that last 10% to monetize it to the fullest. 
  • Some of the knowledge I’m sharing on OP (like certain key principles in Behavioral Economics) singlehandedly helped me make $200K more, either because it helped secure a large client project, or was the key component that solved another challenging client project.
  • Money is a reflection of your skill growth and diligent no-procrastination work ethic, plus a bit of luck. Octalysis Prime can help you with the first, you have to pick up the second (or with a bit of gamifying), and we can only pray for the third.
  • If you are going to invest in ANYTHING in this volatile bear market, invest in yourself!

Core Drive 5: Social Influence & Relatedness

  • We are social animals that NEED respect from those around us. Gain respect by becoming the best you.
  • Gain appreciation from peers, family, and loved ones, by understanding how the social brain works.
  • Connect with a passionate community of innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, storytellers just like you with the OP Slack Community.
  • No longer be the only crazy one in your community. Join the 19,071 Octalysis Prime Members and finally feel understood!
  • Observe social proof of all the OP Members who share their wins about becoming better teachers, raised millions of dollars, got recognized by their CEO, improved their company culture and product, and found their dream jobs.

Core Drive 6: Scarcity & Impatience 

  • We only do these type of promotions 1-2 times a year, some make sure you don’t let the opportunity slip!
  • Every year you don’t upgrade yourself, you are letting valuable opportunities slip as life snowballs into compounding success. The earlier you start, the more exponential rewards you get..
  • You can wait for my next public workshops that costs $500-$1000/person, or you could get OP now for $250/yr and get everything I have done including a one-month Masterclass on Gamification & Behavioral Design (we sold it for $1000/person in 2020).
  • 3 Days Left to take advantage of this offer 😉

Core Drive 7: Unpredictability & Curiosity

  • Check out the world’s most impactful game – a game that helps you learn and apply behavioral science, gamification, parenting, entrepreneurship, fundraising, management, public speaking, and many more! 
  • If you are curious about how Yu-kai Chou, regularly rated Number 1 Gamification Guru in the world, designs and creates his own gamified educational journey, then you should definitely become a member of Octalysis Prime!
  • Our DAU/MAU (Daily Active User divided by Monthly Active User) is above 30%. Curious about why so many people are coming back to OP on a DAILY Basis?

Core Drive 8: Loss & Avoidance

  • Feeling stuck? More knowledge can get you unstuck.
  • Feeling worried? More emotional mastery could get you out of worrying.
  • Feeling anxious? A changing world offers more opportunities to leap ahead.
  • Feeling excited? Become OP and the world is your oyster!
  • The changing world and economy might collapse on us soon. Are you fully prepared to tackle all that is coming and surf it like a wave?

See you in Octalysis Prime!

Learn from an Octalysis Prime Member who made $33M

Ramping up Partnerships for Joint Success on our Earth Server

In the content in my upcoming second book: 10,000 Hours of Play (10K HP), I divide life’s journey into 6 Actionable Steps to level up and live a fulfilling life. (My first book Actionable Gamification sold over 100K copies)

Within 10K HP, Steps 5 is to Build Your Alliance, which is to establish allies and partnerships that further your journey towards the Game of Life. 

That’s what I’m working on these days.

For my education platform Octalysis Prime and my Web3 project Metablox, I’m looking to establish and scale up new partnerships.

Joint Utility, Access, and Promotions

For instance, I’m starting a monthly Yu-kai Chou Web3nar where I talk about the latest trends in Web3, Tokenomics, Metaverse, Gamification, and more.

The next Yu-kai Chou Web3nar will be on the Starbucks Web3 Loyalty Program (Odyssey) – evaluation of their experience and flaws in their designs.

It will cost $500 to attend. However, if you are an OP Member ($50/mo), or own one of our Metablox NFTs ($100-$750), you can attend the Yu-kai Chou Web3nar every month without paying.

If you own a project (Web3 or not) and would like to partner up with my endeavors, whether it’s giving your members access to my monthly Web3nar, discounts on OP or Metablox, or joint promotional opportunities, feel free to reach out to me (reply to this email). 

I’m also happy to explore being on your Podcast, Twitter Spaces, or doing a speech/workshop for your group if you are interested. 

Of course, I won’t be able to partner with everyone who reaches out for obvious reasons, but in life there’s no harm to try (and try again).

An amazing free Webinar and PDF Guide by an Octalysis Prime Member/Partner

Speaking of Partnerships, one knowledge/promotional Partnership I am proud to share about is with Xperiencify.

The Xperiencify Founders have been members in the Octalysis Prime Community for a long time, and due to their success, I interviewed them as part of our OP curriculum. I also became an Advisor for them.

What’s mind-blowing is that they were able to apply the Octalysis Framework into creating online courses (among other skills), and amazingly sold over $33 Million in revenue for 11,529 students and counting!

Since I admire their masterful skills and am happy to see Octalysis being applied to their success, I wanted to share their secrets on creating wildly profitable online courses to you.

The first is a free PDF guide called The Dopamine Button.

Dopamine Button
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Problem: I got scammed on Twitter but Twitter won’t allow me to report it

I debated for a long time whether I should write this blogpost – because as a reputable known person, it’s extremely embarrassing. I had a lapse in intelligence and suffered humiliation and financial loss because of it.

However, I decided to write this because that’s how the Twitter Scammers get their way – people are too embarrassed to call them out so they keep scamming.

I wanted people who follow my work to avoid making idiotic mistakes that I make and prevent this terrible experience that I went through. So here you go:

Here’s the story of how I got scammed for the first time in my life (after fending off dozens of scammers), and the heartbreaking fact that Twitter wouldn’t even allow me to report the scammer (and hence, the scammer is still out there scamming people before my eyes).

Specifically, I got scammed by a person pretending to be a reputable YouTuber on Twitter and lost $400 as I pulled the plug right before losing more.

This post about the Twitter Scammer is broken into three sections:

  1. How I got scammed
  2. Why I couldn’t report this on Twitter
  3. Some lessons to avoid being scammed in the future

The pandemic of Twitter Scammers

Twitter scams are quite common. The fact that people can change their Twitter Handles and IDs very easily – while useful – also leads to scammers constantly changing their identities while having an account that seems to be long lasting and credible.

There’s also a ton of bots on Twitter, which allows fake profiles to look like they have a lot of followers. This is the reason why Elon Musk recently withdrew from his offer to buy Twitter.

But the craziest thing is, after an hour of trying, there is no valid way to report a scammer on Twitter (only other things), until I finally gave up.

Without anything else I could do while knowing that this Twitter Scammer is scamming other people constantly even right now, I decided to write this blogpost.

How I dodged a Blue Check Twitter Scammer

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Metablox Memory: Gamification Workshop at The Vault Coworking Space! (2015)

This is a Memory from Metablox.co, my NFT Platform aiming to preserve humanity’s most important memories onto the Blockchain. Check out the Memory (and more photos) here: Metablox – NFTs powered by real life memories

This was the second time I hosted the Octalysis Gamification Full Day Workshop at The Vault Coworking space in San Francisco.

The reason why I used this space is because I was part of the Founders Network, created by a good friend Kevin Holmes. It’s a network of Founders helping Founders. I asked if anyone had a good venue suggestion that I could use.

Kevin D Smith was kind enough to share his space The Vault with me, and as a benefit The Vault Members could attend too (my workshops can run up to $1000 per person). For this workshop, it turns out that Verizon sent quite a few of their employees to this event.

Since I was hosting a gamification workshop, I brought in a lot of fun game props. The Plants vs Zombies Flower and the Final Fantasy VII Cloud Sword was a favorite. 

One of the innovative things I did for this workshop is that when people contribute or answer questions, I give them a magnetic dart. At the end of the workshop, everyone plays a dart throwing game.

Everyone has one score, but if you have more darts you get more tries. You could see for the whole day, people were eager to get more darts because they were afraid to only have one dart and it wouldn’t even make the board. 

As you can see people had a lot of fun playing the dart throwing game towards the end. Even the online audiences (who was in a different timezone and pulled an all-nighter for this workshop) asked if I could turn the webcam and they wanted to see who would win the event. 

Towards the end, the winner of the Dart throwing game received an Apple Watch.

However, awkwardly, a week later the winner had to return the Apple Watch because they said Verizon was the company that sponsored them to attend the workshop, but due to company policy, they cannot accept these rewards at the end. 

Still everyone had a great time, and I hope by now they have all applied the Octalysis knowledge to all corners of the world!

Inflation & Recession: how to beat this crazy game?

As you are well aware, the world’s economy is in turmoil due to a combination of inflation, COVID-19, war, and commodities/supply chain shortages.

As we are officially in a recession (and things are looking to become way worse before becoming better), no investment market has been safe from huge declines — crypto, stocks, even gold and bonds have been suffering greatly.

So what do we do in this chaos? Where do we invest our time and money to not only protect what we have, but thrive to ascend above our environment in this new world?

If you look at the Hero’s Journey (or any game), at the beginning there is usually some shock in the system that changes the whole world negatively.

This becomes the call to adventure for the main character (you) to begin a heroic journey.

If there was no negative shock, then the hero would just stay in their comfort zones and not become heroic.

But the journey is still uncomfortable and scary.

There’s usually a “refusal of the call” where the hero still doesn’t want to go outside their comfort zone and change the course of this new world of chaos.

That’s usually when some kind of aid or mentor (potentially me, but could be anyone you respect and want to learn from) gives them the extra encouragement and reassurance to take on the heroic path.

Okay, so what’s this heroic path, and what do I actually do in this recession?

I’ve said this before, and as cliché as it sounds, in a recession, you want to double down on investing into YOURSELF and your Growth.

Even in good markets, you could make 0.1% — 20% returns with a variety of risk profiles, but if you invest in yourself and become more skilled/knowledgable/effective, you are GUARANTEED to reap returns from the investment for your entire life.

For example, I bought Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking: Fast & Slow for $50 back in the day, and the knowledge I obtained from it at least helped me make $400,000 more — either because I used the knowledge to close a number of client projects (each worth $100K-$200K), or it was the key knowledge that formed my designs for these client projects.

The crazy thing is, I will keep reaping benefits for the next 50 years from this small investment in money (but larger investment in time).

This is just one example, but there are a lot of great pieces of work and knowledge where my return was actually much higher than buying my first bitcoin in 2013, as crazy as that sounds.

Ever heard about people going back to getting an MBA or Law School when they got laid off during a recession?

That’s because they know at that point, they can only invest in their skill growth, to prepare for the time the economy is strong again.

But why wait for being desperate before doing the most effective thing? During a recession you want to build your super powers so you can start dominating when the timing is ripe.

So how do I invest in myself and my growth?

There are a lot of ways to invest in yourself and your growth.
As mentioned above, if you want you should go buy Thinking: Fast & Slow and read it 3–4 times.

Or you can absorb Robert Cialdini’s work on Applied Psychology as that has also been a six digit gainer for me.

You could also read a bio like Elon Musk’s and see how accomplished people get to where where they are in life via the choices they made on that journey.

Or you can look into what I’ve worked tremendously hard on for the past 6 years to offer people who follow my work: Octalysis Prime.

Octalysis Prime is like a Gamified Mentorship Journey where you essentially get to download my brain and access me directly.

I’ve made over 900 videos of my greatest learnings/insights/case studies on how to live a more effective life: from productivity, to behavioral design, to parenting, to career, to managing finances.

To be clear, I’m no Elon Musk (I learned a lot from his bio), and don’t have random Lambo’s lying there in my garage next to my garage bookshelves, but I’ve definitely mastered some techniques and systems in my life that made me effective at things I do.

My design work has empowered over 1 Billion Users. I’ve sold 100K books with at least a handful of billionaires being fans of my work. I’ve taught at Stanford/Yale/Oxford/Tesla/Google/Uber/IDEO, and was rated the #1 Gamification Guru in the world 3 out of 4 years.

For $50/mo, OP Members get to download my brain and have weekly Live Coaching Sessions (in a group) with me.

They also get my full Masterclass content which I ran in 2020 on the 5-Step Octalysis Design that we charge $100K-$200K to implement for clients (the workshop was $1000 per person and had 17 hours of content) as well as my latest research/learning/insights on everything Octalysis.

So how do I know this works?

The proof that OP works is that more than 80% of the Consultants/Designers I hired for my own consulting firm The Octalysis Group came out of Octalysis Prime.

It’s literally the best things I have to offer, and I would not be hiring them and putting them in front of my clients like Microsoft or Lego if they didn’t learn everything it takes to represent my work and my brand.

The proof that OP is engaging can be seen from OP Members that have been logging in EVERY SINGLE DAY for years (we know because we have streak rewards), who have consumed all my 900+ videos and pushing me to make more faster.

We have a DAU/MAU (Daily Active User/Monthly Active User) of 38%, which is pretty unheard of in the online education space.

So if you want to start investing in yourself and start to thrive in this new chaotic world, I strongly suggest that you check out Octalysis Prime (we fully guarantee full refunds if you don’t like it anyway).