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Ramping up Partnerships for Joint Success on our Earth Server

In the content in my upcoming second book: 10,000 Hours of Play (10K HP), I divide life’s journey into 6 Actionable Steps to level up and live a fulfilling life. (My first book Actionable Gamification sold over 100K copies)

Within 10K HP, Steps 5 is to Build Your Alliance, which is to establish allies and partnerships that further your journey towards the Game of Life. 

That’s what I’m working on these days.

For my education platform Octalysis Prime and my Web3 project Metablox, I’m looking to establish and scale up new partnerships.

Joint Utility, Access, and Promotions

For instance, I’m starting a monthly Yu-kai Chou Web3nar where I talk about the latest trends in Web3, Tokenomics, Metaverse, Gamification, and more.

The next Yu-kai Chou Web3nar will be on the Starbucks Web3 Loyalty Program (Odyssey) – evaluation of their experience and flaws in their designs.

It will cost $500 to attend. However, if you are an OP Member ($50/mo), or own one of our Metablox NFTs ($100-$750), you can attend the Yu-kai Chou Web3nar every month without paying.

If you own a project (Web3 or not) and would like to partner up with my endeavors, whether it’s giving your members access to my monthly Web3nar, discounts on OP or Metablox, or joint promotional opportunities, feel free to reach out to me (reply to this email). 

I’m also happy to explore being on your Podcast, Twitter Spaces, or doing a speech/workshop for your group if you are interested. 

Of course, I won’t be able to partner with everyone who reaches out for obvious reasons, but in life there’s no harm to try (and try again).

An amazing free Webinar and PDF Guide by an Octalysis Prime Member/Partner

Speaking of Partnerships, one knowledge/promotional Partnership I am proud to share about is with Xperiencify.

The Xperiencify Founders have been members in the Octalysis Prime Community for a long time, and due to their success, I interviewed them as part of our OP curriculum. I also became an Advisor for them.

What’s mind-blowing is that they were able to apply the Octalysis Framework into creating online courses (among other skills), and amazingly sold over $33 Million in revenue for 11,529 students and counting!

Since I admire their masterful skills and am happy to see Octalysis being applied to their success, I wanted to share their secrets on creating wildly profitable online courses to you.

The first is a free PDF guide called The Dopamine Button.

Dopamine Button

As you know from my work, Dopamine is the brain chemical that drives a majority of our actions (anticipation, rewards, drive, which corresponds to a variety of the 8 Core Drives in the Octalysis Framework).

Marisa from Xperiencify has figured out how to apply these principles to become a wildly successful internet entrepreneur ($33 Million in online sales is very respectable for anyone), and is here to share some of her secrets through her guide and…

Urgent: Dopamine Button Live Workshop Oct 5 (free)

The time sensitive thing I wanted to share urgently is that she is also hosting a live webinar on the Dopamine Button and secrets to her success on Oct 5, 1pm PT / 4pm ET (that’s less than two days away!!)

Dopamine Button Online Course

I highly recommend you signing up and seeing what are techniques that successful entrepreneurs have figured out that you aren’t aware yet – even if you don’t plan to launch online courses.

These techniques can become applicable into any industry (especially merged with your understanding of The Octalysis Framework), whether you want to get the attention of your boss, your customers, or even your children.

Here’s a convenient link to her Webinar again. Don’t procrastinate and miss an opportunity for your life to level up! 

That’s all for now! I look forward to seeing you Upgrade Yourself and Make Next-Level Stuff. Maybe even become allies with you one day! 

Good Luck and God Bless! 

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