Webinar: How To Use BIG DATA to Influence Behavior

RewardMe teamed up with to present the How to use BIG DATA to influence behavior webinar.

To view the presentation in full, click on the link below:

View the RewardMe BIG DATA webinar

Below is a description of the event and what you will learn:

One of the biggest trends to hit the restaurant space in 2011 was social media; in 2012, BIG DATA is taking over, delivering striking results.

By utilizing BIG DATA, franchises can predict consumer behavior, analyze consumer shopping patterns, and use the data to drive customer action. Ultimately, the goal of BIG DATA is to drive new trials and retention in the restaurant industry.  How can you use BIG DATA to reward guests, collect data and turn the insights into actionable results?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to acquire important data from every customer
  • How to analyze BIG DATA so that it’s useful
  • How to use BIG DATA to drive new trials and increase retention
  • How to use BIG DATA to take the guess work out of choosing a new location for your franchise

If you have any questions about our presentation, be sure to leave them in the comments section.

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7 thoughts on “ Webinar: How To Use BIG DATA to Influence Behavior”

  1. Hi, this is Chrissy from Korea^^
    I was impressed of your presentation~ thank u!
    I work at the social commerce company in Korea.
    we are preparing new business model of loyalty program these days,
    and i was looking more examples of SMS marketing.
    and finally i found here and your presentation.
    if u dont mind, can u give me more cases of successful sms marketing in US or any other countries? one more thing, can you send me the ppt file from your presentation?^^

  2. Just listened to the whole presentation – very, very information.

    I especially enjoyed the 1st section where you explained how big brands are using big data.

    Can you go into more detail about how I can apply these techniques in my 10 location QSR

    1. The data you collect at your QSR locations can help you determine the following:

      1. How to promote a new menu on the item – for example, if it’s a burger, you can message only those customers that have bought a burger before

      2. You can drive more customers to buy an item by discounting another item: for example, if you know that customers that buy dessert also buy salads, then you can discount desserts to increase the sale of salads

      3. Understand purchase trends and get ready ahead of time: you can analyze shopping patterns across season, weekdays vs weekends, or even time of day

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