Beginner’s Guide to Gamification (12 of 90): Ownership & Possession (I)

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Game Mechanics within Ownership & Possession

In this Episode, Gamification Gosu Yu-kai Chou talks about the great gamification case studies relating to this Left Brain Core Drive while he enjoys some big meals and birds!


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17 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to Gamification (12 of 90): Ownership & Possession (I)”

  1. Ownership can transcend physical and/or virtual goods. Owning a “skill” or bank of “knowledge” can be a strong motivator.

  2. That reminds me… (Please tell me I am not alone)… My dad used to say “What’s mine is mine… and what’s yours is mine, too.” I like to pull that on my kids at times. Nice, huh? 😉

  3. Uh, it’s supposed to be “Berlin, GermanY”. You left off the “y” when you were letting us know where you were.

    It’s cool though, I’m just letting you know for the “teh pointz” 😀

  4. I guess, there should be a badge for a first comment of the year already =)
    So in brief – this Ownership and Possesion Core drive is used, actually, almost in every game, starting from Chess and up to modern ones like Diablo. Of course, I guess, depending on the person, some people may get addicted becuse of collecting somt rare, others may get bored, but in any way – this a very univesral core drive!

  5. The Monopoly game is an amazing example of collection sets. I’ve also been sucked into buying larger meals for the opportunity to win more bad food.

    I’ve never really been influenced by customising my avatar although I’ve seen my kids work to collect points so they could.

  6. HiSocial You should always encourage it as long as you design it correctly. The only time you shouldn’t is when you are afraid your users will become too attached to a temporary thing (like temporary hires). Also, it can backfire if you design it badly and people feel insulted.

  7. kensavage Oh, it’s Geomon created by Loki studios. Unfortunately, they were acquired by a bigger company and the bigger company decided to shut it down…

  8. That goose freaked me out.  Thought it was just a lawn ornament. I agree about the Monopoly tear off game pieces. When I used to eat that crap I used to just but upgrade to the large drink just to get the new game pieces.  Crazy!

  9. You mention ownership and possession as a way to increase engagement. Do you think that we should always encourage ownnership, or sometimes it could be counterproductive?

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