Lifestyle Gamification Coaching: helping you master the Game of Life


Lifestyle Gamification Coaching: Life Coaching for highly motivated and ambitious individuals

Lifestyle Gamification Coaching. That’s basically teaching people how to become powerful in whatever fields they are in and things they care about. It is similar to the common Life Coaching, but more geared towards ambitious individuals who does not just want to live a comfortable and stable life but want to become the best in what they do and become influential and impactful in this world.

This would be an extension to the Lifestyle Gamification concepts that I created in 2005. (Check here to see my presentation at Google on it)

Is Power Bad?

I first want to make a disclaimer that “Power” has a slightly negative connotation, as people say “power corrupts” and how the rule of nature is the “powerful exploiting the weak.” However, I believe power itself is neutral.

Power just allows one to make something happen, so it could be used to do extreme good, or extreme evil. In the context of this blog, Power simply means being resourceful and influential enough to create an impact in whatever you care about.

Finally, since I like to draw analogies from the gaming world to this world, Power is just a common phrase in being really strong at something (and isn’t that where a lot of passions lie? Many people couldn’t do what they want in the real world so they decide to be a hero in a virtual world).

Again, I am not teaching you how to gain “freedom” or create passive income that allows you to chill at the beach all day. Sure, these would be very useful in becoming powerful, but that’s not the end goal. The goal is not to let you live a “free” life but to let you live a “fulfilling” life. It’s the life of “With great power, comes great responsibilities.”

If you were playing a game and you had absolute “freedom” in running around, going to town, the fields, eat and buy stuff, but you don’t have a mission, would that be fulfilling? Probably not.

This blog will be about how to beat the game.

5 Ultimate Stats to Lifestyle Gamification

In my system, there are 5 Stats in measuring how powerful a person is:

1) Connections
2) Reputation
3) Influence
4) Resources
5) Ability

Often times, the steps to increase these stats are different in different fields and careers, but there are a lot of overlapping. I’ll be talking a lot about examples in business field, entrepreneurship, technology, and social media since I’ve been in these things for the longest, but most of these principles can be applied to other fields too.

Some past articles that relate to Lifestlye Gamification

Here are some good blog posts that are good starters to for the FD Power Coaching Series.

For a Strategy Roadmap, these are the Four Steps to Power up Through Lifestyle Gamification

1) Determining the Game you are Playing (Find out the industry you are passionate about)
2) Determine your role in the game by knowing your initial stats and playing style (Find out your specialization from your strengths and your interests)
3) Plan out a Skillset Growth Road Map (Think about what skill set combinations you need to master to accomplish your goals)
4) Find Teammates that can help you along in your journey and conquer easy quests.

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  1. @yu-kai Have you used gamified rewards to your own “game of life” ?

    I am intrigued in how you managed to stay focused and engaged in the process. I know improve one’s live should be rewarding enough but without proper feedback and elements that allow us to feel improved there’s a great risk of lower the efforts and stop playing the life game.


    Stay awesome!

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