Octalysis Certificate Level 2 Achiever: Youssef Ouazzani

We like to showcase the work of people who have attained their Octalysis Certificate to show the standard of quality required to get the Octalysis Certificate, as well as give a taste of things people will learn in on the Octalysis Prime mentorship platform.

While attaining a Level 1 Octalysis Certificate in itself is impressive and displays competency in the usage of the Octalysis Framework, attaining a Level 2 Octalysis Certificate demonstrates skill in the application of the Octalysis Framework to solve complex problems.

Since we massively revamped our Octalysis Certificates, only two people have attained Level 2, Sergio Ligato, and now Youssef Ouazzani with his Strat’Z’Fun submission.

Youssef attained his Level 1 Octalysis Certificate last May and almost instantly started working on his Level 2. We applaud your willingness to work hard, your openness to feedback, and your eager attitude, Youssef. Congratulations!

Check out the Hall of Fame where we show every person who, through skill and hard work, attained their Level 1 and Level 2 Octalysis Certificate!

Youssef’s Strat’Z’Fun submission covers an app design that will help employees become more aligned with the company’s strategic vision, in a playful manner.

This is what Octalysis Prime is all about: actionable Gamification knowledge.

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