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My gamified NFT Project Metablox just launched! Reservations Open.

My gamified NFT Project Metablox just launched. As you may know, I’ve been working on an NFT project Metablox with my long term college friend from Google Jun Loayza. It’s a project to help preserve our most precious memories in the real world onto the blockchain (so it lives on forever for our grandchildren), while allowing people to own NFTs of the real world places that the memories comes from.

In essence, it’s merging the concepts of being a museum curator and the Monopoly board game of the real world.
We just released our public reservation phase an hour ago, and as of this writing, 11% of our first city San Francisco has been reserved by people in this first hour.
More importantly, 80 of the 91 “Tier 5” Blox NFTs have already been reserved.

In total there are 4534 Blox NFTs available, representing 4534 real world blocks in San Francisco, with landmarks such as Alcatraz or the Golden Gate Bridge coming as MetaRent Auctions later.

Of course, reservations just means that one has the right to purchase that particular Blox in SF when our minting phase starts in April. It doesn’t mean Metablox Neighbors are committed to purchase, so we’ll still have to see how things play out later.

The epitome of Octalysis Gamification & NFT Game Loops

For Metablox, I’ve designed a whole series of Game Loop experience flowsCore Drive 1: Epic Meaning mechanics, and Tokenomics. Things from collecting MetaRentleveling up the NFT by uploading memories, and Group Quest Proximity Bonuses.

Basically applying everything I have learned since 2003 and the stuff I have taught at Stanford, Yale, Oxford, and a handful of governments.

If you are ever curious about how the Octalysis Framework can be implemented into NFTs, Web3, and the non-FB Metaverse, Metablox is the project to try out.

Why Core Drive 1: Epic Meaning is important for designing NFT Platforms

Like any NFT project, Metablox is about owning scarce virtual assets (Core Drive 4: Ownership and Core Drive 6: Scarcity). However, without a central purpose or meaning (besides “This looks so rad!!” or “it’s a fun game!”) it doesn’t have lasting value. Games could get old and styles could go out of fashion.

However, our best Memories are forever, and in fact, become more valuable as time goes by. This is shown in actual landmarks, historical sites, museums, and even year books.
Think about how some families spend thousands each year taking family photos – they want to capture a meaningful moment for generations to come.

This is why when we surveyed our Metablox Community on Discord, we can see that only 21.8% of Metablox Neighbors joined because they are fans of my work. 5.5% joined because of Podcasts such as Raoul Pal’s interview with me (with a generous title of “Godfather of Gamification”).

A whopping 52.7% came in due to referrals from others in the community.


So why do people refer their friends? It’s because they resonate with the concept. Interestingly, instead of young hipsters craving new tech, our age group demographic are largely 30 and above – those that have families and care about preserving important memories (as well as valuable assets) to their children.

Impressively, income brackets of our community is also quite high, with over 5% of our Metablox Neighbors making $300K or more. Potentially we are also attracting people who understand the value of investing into assets that have high potential early.
Reserve your Blox Today

Anyway, not sure how many days will it take for Metablox to be fully reserved, but if you are interested in potentially being part of the journey in our April minting, you can consider minting on

If you are just curious about the community and how things evolve, feel free to join the Metablox Neighbors Discord Channel or read the Metablox Story Whitepaper.

Don’t worry – none of these are purchase commitments but good opportunities to learn. I’ll be giving it my all so let’s see how things develop.

Thanks and God Bless!
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