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The Octalysis Group is looking for UI/UX Designers

The Octalysis Group is looking for UI/UX Designers who have an understanding of Octalysis.

We are looking for UI/UX designers who can take an existing Brainstorming and Battleplan and visually make it come to life. This is step 5 of the 5-Step Octalysis Design, Wireframing.

With a tight deadline of three weeks, March 28, we already shared this Challenge within our premium Octalysis Prime community. Now, we are opening up to the entire public to participate.

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If you are hired, you would work under a senior TOG specialist, getting information on which screens to be done and executing these. All the while working with the general principles of Octalysis in these screens. You’ll be working with Figma to deliver high fidelity wireframes at a high pace

This challenge is based on an Octalysis Group project done for BitDegree, the world’s first blockchain-powered online education platform.

BitDegree Design Challenge

➡️ Download the Challenge PDF here. ⬅️

Most ‘Massive Open Online Courses’ have a 10-16% completion rate. After the design of the Octalysis Group (by Joris and Sabrina) was implemented, BitDegree now has a 50% completion rate, a 400% increase in course completion in 3 months.

It is up to you to try and improve upon an already very good design.

To maximize your chances, we recommend taking advantage of the full resources that Octalysis Prime has to offer. As well as access to our Exclusive Slack Community where participants can discuss together and ask questions.

🏆 The winner and finalists will win an interview for a position as UI/UX Designer at The Octalysis Group. 🏆

Questions? Email

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3 thoughts on “The Octalysis Group is looking for UI/UX Designers”

  1. Do I need to do submission in any particular format, like in form of PPT. or other.
    Or a Figma file link is enough?

    1. Hello Aakash,
      Good to hear you’re thinking of submitting!
      When submitting via email, it is best to send a pdf with your name, the date, and the link to the Figma file. Good luck!

      1. I am so sorry I have submitted the Figma file link in mail. I was not aware of the pdf version.
        I have replied with an attachment of the PDF submission to the existing submission.

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