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Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Elena Beutel

Our latest Octalysis Primer to attain the Level 1 Octalysis Certificate is Elena Beutel.

Check out the Hall of Fame with every person who attained their Level 1 and Level 2 Octalysis Certificate!

In 2018 Elena founded the Qatar Human Development Agency, with a vision and passion to help businesses do better by developing their employees. Her submission is interesting as it covers the way the product is presented and sold to new clients

[slideshare id=238825692&doc=octalysislevel1submission-elenabeutel-qhda-201010125239]

The best way to become skilled in Octalysis Gamification, is to put your knowledge into practice. With the Octalysis Certification program you have the opportunity to get official feedback from an expert to learn from, and help you on your path to mastery.

I have created new brainstorming ideas linked to new Desired Actions, and I love them so much more! Thanks to your feedback, I feel that the quality of my offering becomes times more engaging and compelling!

Elena Beutel

Congratulations Elena! We hope your agency will be successful in signing more clients, based on your design.

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