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Chou’s Lifestyle Gamification Speech at Google

A while ago, I wrote a post about my speech at Google on Lifestyle Gamification. After knocking off a lot of stuff on my to-do list, I finally had time to rip the video and upload it onto the internet. The actual presentation is around 30 minutes, but for some reason Vimeo thinks it is 73 minutes. The Q&A below is about 10 minutes and you actually get to see me talk (instead of just being a dark wraith). Hope you enjoy it and learn something from it!

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7 thoughts on “Chou’s Lifestyle Gamification Speech at Google”

  1. Greetings.
    Post#2: Happy to find this is still available for the public and opened post 6 years. Very valuable slides and video.

    In the area of “picking your game vs” I often wondered where the divide must end and if so ever. There are various individuals I have come across that share such a sentiment expressed above choosing and picking your one ‘game’ in life. Journeying further into this idea, what suggestions are out there to guide one who is at a crossroads, for instance, who has achieved mastery in both ‘games’ thus far in their lives? That would be an interesting perspective to hear from your end… meaning their drive is insatiable and their passions infinite… coupled with inquisitive hunger in more than one field/industry, in so far as determining their role. Why is there not more flexibility regarding specific roles, for instance could be characters they could play out, through more than one role? Type-casting could be overwhelming, and demotivation occurs, when they know they have capacity to do anything, and ability already in real-time doing better than opponents in those various roles and character traits. Excitement is fuel, pushes us forth towards focus on developing strengths, building skill set, and achieving mastery in combo leveling up. Innately natural roles, then have more than one role they could occupy, so what if the problematic situation were reversed, they had realistic ability to occupy various roles?

    NOTE: Especially enjoying the “are you a human” self authentication prompt!


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