Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Arturo Caudullo

Have you ever heard of the “Too Good To Go” app? If so, you will want to check out this submission for the Octalysis Level 1 Certificate. If not, you will want to check out this submission!

In this light-to-read presentation, Arturo thoroughly analyses the user journey of this experience, and offers suggestions for improvement.

Arturo diligently built out the Strategy Dashboard. He then effectively tied the conclusions from the different steps of the analysis phase to deliver a great brainstorming.

We especially like the “Proximity Bonus” which adds a sense of obligation to help the local stores, together with other users that live nearby. And the “Roulette Formula” that motivates to also visit other stores.

Congratulations, Arturo. Good work!

I’m so excited! It’s a great milestone for me, I’m so happy! Thanks for your precious feedback, I really appreciate it! Yeaaaah!

Arturo Caudullo

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