Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Gabriel Goh

There are Octalysis Explorers in almost every country on Earth. Today we would like to introduce you to Gabriel Goh from Malaysia. He participated in the Behavioural Design Masterclass and successfully submitted for his Level 1 Octalysis Certificate!

Octalysis Level 1 Certificate

Most submissions we receive cover apps or other digital products. Gabriel chose an offline experience: the local ‘Number Eight’ Board Game Cafe. The cafe is run by tabletop game enthusiasts and is a place where people not only buy games, but come together to play games while enjoying snacks and drinks. One of the main challenges they face is attracting customers during weekdays that can be very quiet compared to the weekends.

Like Sarah Le-Fevre, Gabriel impressed us with good quality work and managed to obtain an Octalysis Certificate on his first attempt! He also considered the user experience of reading through the submission and used a fun visual touch to add Core Drive 7: Curiosity. Check it out to learn from this!

Congratulations Gabriel! We are looking forward to your submission for a Level 2 Certificate. Check out the Hall of Fame where we show every person who, through skill and hard work, attained their Level 1 and Level 2 Octalysis Certificate!

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