Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Timothy Sher

On Octalysis Prime we have a Leveling System. Users start at Blue status level 1, after reaching level 10, they upgrade to Orange status level 1. And so on through Purple, Silver, Gold and finally Black status.

Reaching the highest status colour takes a lot of determination. So far, only a handful of Octalysis Primers have achieved this impressive milestone. Timothy is one of those people! Yet he is one of the humblest members we have.

For his Octalysis Level 1 Certificate, Timothy chose an experience that is close to his heart.

Timothy really nailed mapping out the Desired Actions. They are written as user actions, are listed in order of experience flow and support the Business Metrics well. 

Congratulations, Timothy. Good job!

I would like to thank Peter who introduced Octalysis to me. I also appreciate the videos lessons on Octalysis Prime and the community on Slack.

Timothy Sher

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