Gamification Book

“Yu-kai is at the cutting edge of the field of behavior design.”

-Nir Eyal, Best Selling Author of Hooked: How to Design Habit-Forming Products


“Yu-kai’s Octalysis framework brilliantly explains the intricate relationships between human behaviors and their inner drives. Accompanied by numerous application examples, Octalysis is the turnkey for gamification in any product and service design.”

-Dr. Jianming Dong, Chief User Experience Architect, Huawei


“I’ve been following Yu-kai’s work on gamification for years and have enjoyed his deep insights and actionable recommendations. Octalysis is a powerful and pragmatic framework to understand human nature and positive motivators that encourage people to do their best work. It’s great that Yu-kai was able to capture his thoughts into this framework and can share it with others through this book. It should be required reading for anyone building, managing, or collaborating with a team, community, or ecosystem.”

-Susie Wee, VP and CTO of Networked Experiences at Cisco Systems


The book is also available on LeanPub.