Yu-kai Chou made Top 40 on the List of Gamification Gurus

Update: in August of 2013 through 2014, I improved my position to #1 in the Gamification Guru list. It was a good game to play for me and my bio.

Gamifying the competition between Gamification Gurus

It’s been 2 months since I heavily focused my blog on Gamification (although I started working in Gamification since 2003…it just wasn’t called that back then).

I’ve published my Gamification Framework called Octalysis, which was a massively successful and was received very well with companies and professors wanting me to demonstrate more on how to use this framework to make good business (and personal) decisions.

I’ve also finished 3 Episodes (out of 90) of the Video Series: The Beginner’s Guide to Gamification, which is a video education program that combines learning with fun (an actually gamified video course).

This is more of a slow but persistent play, where it probably won’t take off like crazy at the very beginning, but once I finish all 90 episodes, there will be nothing like that on the internet. (Episode 4 coming out in a few days) Also, I’ve already been approached by many parties regarding how they could use Gamification for their organization, after viewing my goofy but hopefully educational videos.

But even with that, it came as a complete surprise to me when I saw myself making the Top 40 List of Gamification Gurus.

I’ve considered myself as the underdog who has a lot of knowledge and experience in Gamification, but one who has been focusing on tech startups and not building my brand in Gamification. My goal was to get more of an established recognition after a year of persistently sharing my knowledge on my blog, while trying to make my startup company successful (that’s why I can only film my footages when I’m walking in-between meetings!)

So making this list was a true honor and I feel very flattered.

And of course, now that I see a Leaderboard on Gamification Gurus, the game is on! Now I MUST be the Guru-est Guru of all Gamification Gurus!!


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