Beginner’s Guide to Gamification (4 of 90): The Octalysis Framework

*New to Gamification? Check out my post What is Gamification & the Gamification Framework: Octalysis*

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Gamification Notes:

This is the 4th Episode out of 90 on Gamification, and it introduces my core framework: Octalysis. For those who are following my work, you’ll see a lot of repeat information, but after this episode, we’ll start diving into new content that I haven’t covered yet (there’s a reason why I set it to 90 episodes).

In this episode, we cover:

  • What Octalysis is
  • Reason behind creating Octalysis
  • Review of the 8 Core Drives in Gamification
  • Basics of Octalysis
  • Left Brain and Right Brain Octalysis
  • White Hat and Black Hat Gamification

As I’m still doing a lot of new experiments in these videos, please leave as much feedback as possible (perhaps there is a way to gamify “brutal feedback”)

By the time I finished all 90 episodes, my video editing skills will most likely surpass my Gamification skills…if that is even possible!



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