Market to Win, not to Not Lose

Doing a little bit marketing is useless

If you put out 1 radio ad, 1 tv commercial, 1 tweet, 1 blog post, 1 news paper ad, your campaign will be useless and you would just be wasting money. Repeating the same message over and over again on the same platform is how you truly build your brand and market.

Social Media is about ENGAGEMENT

No money to market heavily? Use Social Media. Don’t just create accounts and leave it there. ENGAGE.

Like any social situation, there are guys who are popular, sociable and cool, and there are guys who are antisocial and awkward. Creating a Twitter Account and a blog is just to SHOW UP. Showing up doesn’t mean you are popular. Showing up and behaving like a loser is even worse than not showing up.

Join Social Media, but be prepared to brand yourself correctly, engage, care about your audiance, and create value for everyone.

Market and brand to win. Don’t market just because you want to keep up. Keeping up means you are never ahead.

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2 thoughts on “Market to Win, not to Not Lose”

  1. Engage!

    It’s all about that elusive concept. The Core Drives, the design, the personal branding… all you really want is that people find themselves engaged.

    As a gae designer I always looked for fun, but I learn from your post and book and the great comments left by the community that “FUN” isn’t really the matter.

    What really, really counts is engaginess (I think I just invented a word). Or better said, the ability to engage.

    A very interesting line of thought, for me at least

    Stay Awesome!

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