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New Design Challenge on OP

Octalysis Prime ???? is packed with Yu-kai’s knowledge on how to apply Gamification in all areas of life. And our users are often amazed at how deep the learning goes.

Yet, absorbing information about Human-Focused design will only get you so far. It requires practice to take your skills to the next level.

That is why we occasionally host a Design Challenge on Octalysis Prime!

Challenge – Make a VIDEO

This time around we challenge you to create a concise, finished deliverable. A one-minute-long video about one feature of Octalysis Prime,

This can be a recording of you speaking, screen-recorded footage from the Island, voice-over, animated or something very different. Use your creativity!

1) Choose one feature on the Island that you find engaging/interesting
2) Mention up to three Core Drives that are involved
3) Explain how it works and motivates to do Desired Actions

Participate in this friendly competition

This is a friendly competition. Share your progress, in the dedicated channel on our premium Slack community, to encourage and learn from each other!

The full details on this Design Challenge can be found in the Challenges area on the Island. Or directly here.

Good luck!

Make sure to submit your video(s) on or before the 23rd of October.

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