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Business as usual. Death as usual.

This was an old video of me when I was much younger, however, the principles are evergreen and gold. Enjoy!

Businesses must be able to innovate or adapt

Companies need to innovate and constantly be able to adapt. If you do business like the past, you will become the past.

Business as usual fails

The world is moving so fast these days, you need to do things in news ways every year in order to beat your competitors.

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3 responses to “Business as usual. Death as usual.”

  1. Hey Anthony!

    Just realized this is an ultra-late response, hahaha!

    But yea, I totally agree with you. You get cut when you are on the cutting edge, but getting cut a lot is how you learn to avoid the big axe of change! 🙂

    I’ll check out your blog too 🙂

  2. Great video Yu-Kai. The world is definitely changing much faster than before. Things are shifting quickly from waiting to have a press release to addressing it in real-time, and some companies are still hesitant to embrace it. There was an instance a couple months back where I was speaking to a company about embracing new media, and one of the execs said “we want to be on the cutting edge”, where then another exec replied “but that is how you get cut”. I don’t agree with this anymore because as you said “if you stay with the old ways you’ll die with the old ways”. We’re in a time where you can address problems and issues so fast and get feedback so fast that the days of making a mistake and having news outlets expose you and waiting days to respond are over!

    Also, I like the sudden bits of extra enthusiasm, especially at the end 😛

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