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The RewardMe Loyalty Program becomes mainstream in the SF Bay Area

In a short amount of time, RewardMe has established a strong presence and has become a fan favorite for restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some notable places include: Denny’s, Coupa Cafe, Posh Bagels, Cantankerous Fish, Pho Garden, Barracuda Sushi, Sweet Corner, Han’s Korean Cuisine, and more.

RewardMe aims to become the dominant Loyalty Program for Restaurants and other stores to engage their customers and increase repeat customers & referrals via mobile marketing

Our users love RewardMe too. Thousands of users are using it regularly, even weekly, at restaurants participating in RewardMe, enjoying their points and rewards. Edo Peno, a Yelp Elite for three years straight, wrote a blogpost on how much he likes RewardMe.

Since we are in the center of Silicon Valley, we’ve been getting attention on the popular Q&A site Quora too, asking about how we established our traction.

We are excited to continue to support the community and create a closer relationship between stores and their best customers. We are soon doing our big launch in Vancouver and Southern California. We are also expanding quickly to the East Coast and other cities in the US and Canada.

If you run a restaurant and want to keep up with the times as well as create better relationships with your customers, let us know!

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