Join The Octalysis Group: Do the GruBox Design Challenge

If you are interested in testing your design skills in Gamification and Human-Focused Design, or you want to join The Octalysis Group, we have officially released this year’s Octalysis Design Challenge to the public!

Two weeks earlier we shared the details of this Challenge within our premium Octalysis Prime community. Now we are opening up to the entire public to participate.

Our regular Octalysis Design Challenges aim at providing gamification passionates with an opportunity to apply their skills to real-life challenges and take their learning of Octalysis to the next level.

This particular Octalysis Design Challenge is directly for The Octalysis Group: the consulting/design entity of Yu-kai’s Octalysis Framework – to find talents to join its amazing team and work on cutting edge gamification projects worldwide.

GruBox is India’s first Machine Learning driven, unmanned Kiosks provider.

The focus of this Challenge will be on Brainstorming, Game Loop, and Wireframes.

Become a Trainee for TOG!

When participating in this Challenge, you can indicate on the title page of your submission if you would like to pursue the opportunity to be a Trainee for The Octalysis Group.
Finalists who have indicated their interest will be interviewed to present their designs and answer some questions.

TOG Consultants take their passion to help companies like Microsoft, Porsche, HTC, Uber, Capital One, Lego, and more! Many current TOG Consultants and Designers joined the company due to an Octalysis Design Challenge.

Do you want to work with the world’s leading experts in Gamification and Behavioral Design, and work from wherever you want in the world, enjoying full autonomy and full transparency? This is your chance!

You have until the 11th of January to showcase what you are capable of.

The Octalysis Design Challenge is open to anyone who wishes to attempt it. We don’t care about your background, education, gender, or nationality. We only care about quality, and whether you are a fun-loving person.

Got a taste of the challenges and learning opportunities you can find in Octalysis Prime? Sign up to try the FREE version of Octalysis Prime (no strings attached) to join our community of passionate and driven members.

Want more? You can sign up to become a Premium Primer of Yu-kai’s online mentorship platform, for just $50 per month!
You will not only join a community of hundreds of passionate learners, and get access to 700+ exclusive video content and case studies. You will also gain access to the weekly Live Coaching Sessions with Yu-kai directly, and our exclusive Slack community to supercharge your submission.

In fact, a large percentage of people who win the Octalysis Design Challenges are Octalysis Primers since they are exposed to Yu-kai’s latest and best research, far beyond the contents of his book.

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