Octalysis Gamification Certificate

Level 1 Octalysis Certificate

If you are on this portion of my site, there is a fair chance that you know about my Octalysis Certificate. Below are a listing of all those who have earned the prestigious Octalysis Certificate in Gamification.

Level 5


Level 4


Level 3 (Unlocked when 40 people achieved Level 2)


Level 2 UNLOCKED!!!

  1. Joris Beerda
  2. Victoria Pan
  3. Aleksandr Fedorov
  4. David Dick

Requirements for Level 2

  1. Have passed the Level 1 Octalysis Certification in Gamification.
  2. Find a new experience/product different from the Level 1 submission.
  3. Complete a Strategy Dashboard.
  4. Describe the four phases (Discovery, Onboarding, Scaffolding, and Endgame) of the product and the Desired Actions of each phase.
  5. Run Octalysis through each phase and analyze the engagement through the 8 Core Drives.
  6. Use the Octalysis Tool create the graphs (or use your own method) on each phase.
  7. Talk about how each phase can increase engagement through the 8 Core Drives. What’s missing? What can be added?
  8. Scroll to bottom for instructions on how to submit.

Level 1

  1. Nikita Kakuev
  2. Average Joey
  3. Achint Nigam
  4. Zen Trenholm
  5. Joris Beerda
  6. Steven Laird
  7. Christine Yee
  8. Ken Savage
  9. Jussi Mori
  10. Dogukan Erenel
  11. Mike Finney
  12. Robin Brouwer
  13. Bianca Gelli
  14. Marcello Granconato
  15. Franz Coelho
  16. Kathryn Clubb
  17. Mayur Kapur
  18. Shiv Charan Sastry
  19. Ryan Cruz
  20. Yvonne Harrison
  21. Igne Martutaityte
  22. Sergey Znutin
  23. Victoria Pan
  24. Jerry Fuqua
  25. Igor Radic
  26. Frederik Agge Ronex
  27. Szymon Machajewski
  28. Michael Jensen
  29. Nigel Powell
  30. Thijs Morlion
  31. Mauro Ghibaudo
  32. Rance Tsang
  33. Ghidon Fadlun
  34. Aleks Fedorov
  35. Kenny Alami
  36. Brandon Abril Avila
  37. Gaute Kokkvoll
  38. Izabela Kozlowska
  39. Samuel Huber
  40. Jun Loayza
  41. Tiago Sizenando
  42. Rasul Majid
  43. Clayton Tonna
  44. Jonathan Palay
  45. Garth Smitman
  46. Charlie Howell
  47. Alex Chalkias
  48. Romain Bonfill
  49. Phaedra Romney
  50. Olalekan Akinyele
  51. D’Jae Ch’ng
  52. Alejandro Lopez
  53. Kostas Karamichalis
  54. Nathaniel Tseng
  55. David Dick
  56. Theodore Dasher
  57. Pierre W Bertrand
  58. Martin Jeřábek
  59. Wayne Buckhanan
  60. Gustavo Grillo

Requirements for Level 1

  1. Find a product or experience you are interested in. Could be your own company’s product.
  2. Describe what the product or experience intends to do and what are the Desired Actions.
  3. Run Octalysis through it and analyze why it is engaging through the 8 Core Drives.
  4. Utilize the Octalysis Tool to create the graphs (or use your own methods)
  5. Talk about how the product/experience can increase engagement through the 8 Core Drives. What’s missing? And what can be added?
  6. Scroll to bottom for instructions on how to submit.

How to Submit?

  1. Put your analysis and graphs into a PDF file. If feedback is expected, please leave margin space for comments.
  2. Send your submission to yukai@yukaichou.com. Include in your email whether you are “Certificate Only” or “Feedback Requested.”
  3. Choose option type:
    1. Certificate Only (Pass/No-Pass):
      • Level 1: FREE!
      • Level 2: $50
    2. Feedback Requested:
      • Level 1: $50
      • Level 2: $150

    Please Paypal to the same email address (yukai@yukaichou.com) and please be clear which submission the payment is connected to.

  4. Within 3 weeks, I should respond with a Pass/No Pass, potentially some feedback, as well as a beautifully crafted Octalysis Certificate with a unique Octalysis Certificate Number. I’ll also likely share your submission (with my notes and comments) on this site for educational purposes (with your permission), which may be a good way for you to promote your project too.

38 thoughts on “Certificate”

  1. Would be nice to see wich countries the passed participants come from, in thet way Croe drive 2 and maybe 6 would have an even bigger influence, if the new participant are able to see, if they are the first, second or third ones, to get the certificate in their country.

  2. Challenge accepted!
    I didn’t know about this page but this is basically what i have been doing since the beginning.
    I will send you soon what i have. 😉

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