TEDx: Gamification to Change the World

Earlier this month at TEDxLausanne, I had the pleasure of sharing how gamification can radically improve our world for the better. For a TED-talk style crash course in the potential of gamification, check out my presentation here:

14 thoughts on “TEDx: Gamification to Change the World

  1. DR1

    I had to also comment here (as i did on YT) so I could get me my points! Great Ted Talk! If the Foldit example doesn’t hit home, I suspect nothing will…

  2. Yu-kai Chou

    DR1  Haha, don’t focus too much on the extrinsic motivation when you may be missing so much more on the intrinsic!

  3. RichWallace

    Excellent summary of your materials and examples.  Really nice and engaging close as well Yu-Kai 😀

  4. Chris

    This TED talk was my first contact with the octalysis framework. It’s funny when I think back and see how much I’ve learned about gamification since then. Thank you Yu-kai. 🙂


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