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Here are all the Episodes of the Gamification Video Guide: The Beginner’s Guide to Gamification

I’ve seen quite a few Gamification Video Courses online these days, but all the ones I have seen are extremely boring AND they lack in deepness. A few of them spread the net very wide and people understand gamification better but not how to apply it.

This is my attempt (and hobby) of making an entertainment video lecturer course, while packing in some advanced gamification techniques, concepts, and examples. The reason why I call it the “Beginner’s Guide” to Gamification, even though it is more advanced than many “expert certification” courses, is because I believe we are all still students in this vast field of Gamification. The industry is just at its beginning, and 10 years later, we would be amazed about how little we knew right now. My goal is to be the pioneer of beginner’s and share all the stuff I have learned!

While 90 Episodes sound like a lot (especially to make…), 900 minutes is less than a semester’s worth of lecturers, and you get it for free (companies and organizations pay me thousands of dollars for this), so you should rejoice and jump for joy right now.

Episode 1: Introduction to the Guide

Episode 2: What is Gamification

Episode 3: The 8 Core Drives of a Game

Episode 4: Gamification Framework Octalysis

Episode 5: 4 Experience Phases of a Game

Episode 6: Applying Level 1 Octalysis to Waze(a)

Episode 7: Applying Level 1 Octalysis to Waze(b)

Episode 8: Core Drive 1 – Epic Meaning & Calling

Episode 9: Core Drive 2 – Development & Accomplishment

Episode 10: Core Drive 3 – Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback (Part 1)

Episode 11: Core Drive 3 – Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback (Part 2)

Episode 12: Core Drive 4 – Ownership & Possession (Part 1)

Episode 13: Core Drive 4 – Ownership & Possession (Part 2)

Episode 14: Core Drive 5 – Social Influence & Relatedness (or Social Pressure & Envy)

Episode 15: Core Drive 6 – Scarcity & Impatience

Episode 16: Core Drive 7 – Unpredictability & Curiosity

Episode 17: Core Drive 8 – Loss & Avoidance

Episode 18: Chou Force Intervention

Episode 19: White Hat vs Black Hat Gamification

Episode 20: Left Brain vs Right Brain Core Drives

Episode 21: Discovery Phase of the Player’s Journey

Episode 22: Onboarding Phase of the Player’s Journey

Episode 23: Scaffolding Phase of the Player’s Journey

138 thoughts on “Video Course”

  1. Well, it just lack a few MCQ and a dedicated forum to share one’s excitation about learning new things and you could label it as a MOOC !

    Thanks for sharing with us your knowledge and motivation anyway !

  2. This is amazing. I never knew this was an already established science, at least until I heard about it on The Art of Charm podcast. It’s great how one passion can lead to the discovery of another.

  3. Great! i´ve been watching the first videos and im really engage, this is another perspective, personally i find other gamification “experts” just repeating over and over again stuff like game mechanics, Bartle´s player types and stuff like that, but in my opinion the main focus must be in this cores!

  4. Ryan Julyan Haha – unfortunately, I’ve been putting all my “non-client related work” into writing the book.The footage is there, but haven’t put it together into the next video yet 🙁

  5. Been Looking forward to seeing the next installments of this series as I find listening much more effective for information retention. Any news on when the next episodes may be coming out?

  6. Awesome. I am looking to gamify an NGO internship program. Looking forward to learning a lot from these vids.

  7. Though the videos, there are a bunch of terms (mostly game mechanics name) and you have your own nice way of explaining them. Couple days later I couldn’t remember what a “social prod” was. Is there a place in this blog where you define all those terms? The goal is to access them quickly.

  8. Yu-kai Chou Ryan Julyan  Haha Yip, I subscribe to you on YouTube, So When I see new content from you; I watch it 😀
    I was wondering if there will be come form of consistency of release dates? So that I can budget out more time to watch your content in a more controlled environment?

  9. Yu-kai Chou  Haha, Sorry; I Love the content SO much… I cannot wait to see the rest of them.
    May I ask what value waiting until Monday would have had?

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