How to build an effective content calendar for Twitter

An active Twitter community has the power to drive foot traffic and increase brand awareness for a local business.  The first step is of course to get Twitter followers; the next step and equally important is to create a content calendar that will make it easy for you to Tweet to your community and stay […]

5 Tips to Increase Your Restaurants Profitability

The question that every restaurant owner has on their mind is simple: how can I increase the profitability of my restaurants. While there are some very blatant way to accomplish this such as cutting back on the quality of the food and paying your workers less, these are not ‘ideal’ solutions. Rather, these would be […]

Twitter Tips and Strategies To Jumpstart Your Marketing

It was considered a fad when it started, it turned into a niche network and it’s now become one of the most important marketing tools for marketers, brands and businesses alike. Twitter, the micro-blogging social network which started in 2006, has grown into one of the most effective tools in penetrating new markets and spreading […]

How to find the right person to lead your digital marketing efforts

The perfect marketing plan is only as perfect as those who execute it. As a business owner, having the right individual to lead your digital marketing initiatives can be the difference between creating relevance and creating noise. In today’s current digital climate, where everyone calls themselves a social media expert, this can be an especially […]

Leveraging Customer Touchpoints to Increase Sales

What is a Touchpoint? A touchpoint is a point of contact between a customer and your product, service, or brand. Whether before, during, or after an actual sale has taken place, any interaction a customer has with your business is considered a touchpoint and potential for your business to increase their customer’s perception of your […]

Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me?

Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me?

Your best customers routinely go to your restaurant chains because it’s part of what they do.  They like the food, they like the service, and have their favorite meals and combos. But an inherent problem arises from this: they become lazy They become too lazy to try the new items on the menu They become too […]

What A 3X Increase in Check-in Services Means for Your Business

What A 3X Increase in Check-in Services Means for Your Business

Pew Research Center just released a report on American adults and their use of mobile and social location-based services. The numbers foretell the impending future and here are some of the stats: – Adult usage of location based check-in services rose from 4% to 12% in one year – 1 out of 5 18-29 year […]