Gamify Your Life – Up For the Challenge?

(New to Gamification? Check out the Octalysis Framework that I am internationally known for.) Gamify Your Life – Up For the Challenge? The last year seems to have gone by pretty quickly. But now we have a fresh new start at a brand new year. Most people are inspired to set some type of New Year’s […]

How Waze built its Craze through Gamification

yukai chou gamification

Waze is Gamified Driving Waze is an immensely popular GPS app that is changing how we navigate traffic through crowdsourcing real-time traffic and road info. Receiving an average five star rating by thousands of people, its fans have taken the mundane experience of driving and turned it into an enjoyably immersive adventure with a rewarding […]

5 Great Serious Game Platforms For Corporations

Courtesy of Morf Media Many of you probably love to play games for recreation and entertainment. But as I have mentioned in my other posts, they can also be used to enhance and enrich educational experiences. These are called serious games. The combination of learning and fun is a potent force in today’s corporate world. […]

Can Playing Video Games Increase Your Intelligence?

From the perspective of a conventional grown up, video games may be fun but they are a waste of time. They cause young men and women to sit on the couch for hours on end staring at a screen, completely immersed in another world devoid of all useful (i.e. productive) benefit. Players become addicted to […]

How Nightmare: Malaria Saves Lives through Social Gamification

Most people are aware that malaria is a deadly disease caused by mosquitoes. But what is not common knowledge is that nearly half the world’s population is at risk for contracting the disease. Every year, over a million individuals die from it and seventy percent of these fatalities are children. What may also surprise you […]

Musings On The Flappy Bird Craze: An Octalysis Perspective

Who amongst you has not heard of Nyan (Pop Tart) Cat, Grumpy Cat, or Angry Birds? It seems almost inconceivable to think that anyone would raise their hand. Names such as these are ubiquitous in our culture. Despite their wide-reaching influence, they are not the product of some creative genius but are rather characterized by […]

Review: Gamification Revolution by Gabe Zichermann and Joselin Linder

Gamification Revolution: How Leaders Leverage Game Mechanics To Crush the Competition by Gabe Zichermann and Joselin Linder helps explain how games are changing the world of business. When it comes to playing games, most people think of video console games or tablet/phone apps that help distract the player from the drudgery of work. But the […]