Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Dustin Lehr

Cyber Security is increasingly important. Unfortunately, for many, the training to keep up-to-date with cyber security best practices is not very engaging. If it is up to Dustin, that is about to change! Make sure to Check out Dustin’s Player Type analysis. Congratulations, Dustin. Well done! Awesome!  Thanks @Dirk and @Sergio for taking the time to go over my […]

Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Joel Schmidt

Here we have another great example of how Gamification can be applied to a non-digital experience. Joel found many things that could be improved at his driving learning centre in Germany. He successfully used that energy to create a submission for the Level 1 Octalysis Certificate! Especially the Brainstorming is worth taking a look at. […]

Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Arsham Navid

When most people hear the word Gamification, they think of apps that attempt to turn boring things into a game. While digital experiences do lend themselves well for engagement design, the realm of Gamification expands far beyond your phone and your computer. We love how this is reflected in the wide range of topics that […]

The Octalysis Group is looking for UI/UX Designers

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The Octalysis Group is looking for UI/UX Designers who have an understanding of Octalysis. We are looking for UI/UX designers who can take an existing Brainstorming and Battleplan and visually make it come to life. This is step 5 of the 5-Step Octalysis Design, Wireframing. With a tight deadline of three weeks, March 28, we already […]

Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Colin Hahn

After attending the Behavioral Design Masterclass last year, Colin signed up for a Premium yearly subscription on Octalysis Prime. As an active user on the Island and steady participant of the weekly Live Coaching Sessions with Yu-kai, he became quite knowledgeable in Human-Focused Design. Colin combines this knowledge with his expertise in Talent Development and […]

Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Jędrzej Lewandowski

The success of last year’s Behavioral Design Masterclass is reflected in the quality of the re-submissions we still receive for the Level 1 Octalysis Certificate. For example from Jędrzej Lewandowski from the Faculty of medicine, Medical University of Warsaw. He took the received feedback to heart and improved his submission well beyond the certificate requirements! […]

Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Thorsten Niemeyer

Thorsten Niemeyer joined Octalysis Prime only three months ago from Germany.He already hosted a successful Monday’s Mini Challenge. The Monday’s Mini Challenge are weekly Challenges we offer to our exclusive Slack community to put their knowledge into practice, train, provide and receive feedback. In June this year, Thorsten will start fulltime in gamification: mission […]